Family Pic

Family Pic
My Birth Family in 1959

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday to Dad

June 18 marks my father's birthday. He will turn 90. We lost him in 2007 and cherish the memories we have. I have shared a lot about Dad in prior posts. He was a unique man he followed his dreams as much as he was able. My Mother was right there beside him, supporting him and seeing to it that all his meals were on time, the house was clean, and clothes always were spotless and wrinkle free. 

Mom and Dad were wonderful dancers and would go out every Saturday night to the NCO club and sometimes we went as well. It was so enjoyable to watch them dance. There were so in sync with their movements. So many memories... We were blessed. 

And now Father's Day is also coming up this weekend. Be sure and hug your Father and thank him for being there for you. Not every person has the kind of memories we have. Cherish the person who is like a Dad to you. Sometimes we have to find somebody to fill that void. I catch myself looking for my Dad in other people. And some days I notice glimpses of him. He is never very far. Thank God.